Subscription Box Fulfillment

You have successfully sold your product. Now you want to ensure your customer is a happy one by getting that product to them as quickly as possible.
At VelocityShip, we will make sure that happens—every time. We offer the highest reliability, even for subscription box companies that are sending out monthly orders. And with the most advanced technology in the fulfillment industry at your disposal, peace of mind is guaranteed.


Besides taking advantage of an automated order fulfillment system that ensures efficient and accurate picking & packing, we have the bandwidth to fulfill 1 to 10,000 orders each day. We also don’t believe in charging for unused services, so with VelocityShip, you’ll only pay for what you use. If you ship only 1 product that month, you’ll only pay a pick and pack fee for only 1 product. It’s that simple.

We’re not the first order fulfillment company to help business owners save time and money. But we are the first to bring transformative technology to the fulfillment industry. Rather than just improving what is currently offered, we approach the market with the mindset of redefining the entire industry. From our API integrations to automated mapping and bundling, VelocityShip software has the ability to map SKUs across various sales channels and bundle an infinite amount of product combinations so you can change your product offerings without worrying about tracking, inventory levels, or fulfillment.

At VelocityShip, we know returns and exchanges are part of the game and we know that handling these successfully is critical when it comes to customer satisfaction. And our fulfillment process makes the efficient and smooth return or exchange a reality. To ensure everyone is happy with any return or exchange, we have developed our own custom processes to manage these situations. These processes do not take a lot of time or money and allow us to handle any type of return or exchange, including quality issues, wrong size or color, and sorting issues.

Custom packing is a necessity when it comes to fulfillment and VelocityShip can handle any level of custom packing. This includes the aggregation of products from multiple vendors into one package and the removal of bulk or unnecessary packaging. We also cater to the needs of small companies that require modifications to products before those products are shipped to their customers. This includes anything from sourcing custom packaging to removing the manufacturer’s or vendor’s labelling. And we will do this on a month-to-month basis. This is a level of flexibility that many of the larger fulfillment companies sacrifice in the name of a quick turnaround.

We only partner with the very best in the industry, which is why we can offer best-in-class shipping with the top carriers in the world. In fact, our rates are practically unbeatable because we receive impressive shipping discounts from all the major carriers. And we don’t keep those savings to ourselves—we pass them on to you, our loyal clients. Just another way we help you control the cost of running your business.

We’ve strategically designed our storage and inventory system to assign products to designated area. This optimizes storage locations and reduces costs for you. Unlike most fulfillment companies, we charge for storage daily, so you only pay for the days your products are stored in the warehouse. In addition, our entire warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system to ensure that your products are actively protected.

We realize that startups and small businesses require special attention–whether it’s to gain traction or to transition into full-blown growth–in order to achieve their full potential. That’s exactly why we created Happiness Engineers. Each and every VelocityShip customer will be assigned a dedicated Happiness Engineer to welcome them from the start and will always be there to answer any questions or concerns regarding their account. All of our Happiness Engineers go through a comprehensive training process designed to turn them into shipping experts, so no question is too big or too small for their expert advice.