Retail Fulfillment

There is nothing more valuable than having a great business partner. When it comes to fulfillment, that partner is VelocityShip. Not only will we guide you through every step of the fulfillment process—our software is able to integrate with both B2C and B2B platforms. This opens up the opportunity to sell directly to the customer, as well as selling to retailers.


Here is a list of our B2B fulfillment capabilities:

  • EDI compliance
  • Third-party shipping accounts
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Cross docking
  • Consolidation and breaking bulk
  • Customization of both labelling and packing lists
  • Multi-retailer support



It doesn’t matter if you only ship one order in a day or thousands. You will only pay for what you pick and pack—nothing more. And because we can fulfill as many as 10,000 orders in a day, you have the ability to reach out and ship to as many customers as possible.


It has always been the goal of fulfillment companies to help business owners maximize their time and increase their bottom line. At VelocityShip we are no different—except in our approach.
Rather than just offer an improvement over the old ways, we are completely redefining the industry. How? In this technological age, we have developed a fulfillment technology that offers the utmost in flexibility and automation. This includes automated mapping and bundling, giving our clients the freedom to bundle their products in an infinite number of ways, without having to track orders, inventory, or fulfillment. The system does it for you!


At VelocityShip, we know the storage of inventory is one of the biggest costs for your business. That is why we try to minimize that cost by optimizing storage locations and charging for storage on a daily basis. This way, you will only pay for storage on the days you use it. Plus, all of our warehouses are protected by a technologically advanced security system, ensuring the peace of mind of knowing your inventory is safe.


Have you ever had a dedicated Satisfaction Ninja on your team? At VelocityShip, we know the importance of getting specialized help and attention, especially when starting out. Whether you are a new business or you are ready to scale up, your Satisfaction Ninja will guide you every step of the way. Our Satisfaction Ninjas are fully trained in the shipping industry. This allows them to answer any question you can throw at them and help you handle any problem.


Every business has times when special tasks need to be handled. VelocityShip can help you with those tasks. Whether you need inventory counted, products labelled, or products repackaged, our highly trained fulfillment team can make it happen.


A single customer might order one product, but a retail customer could order 1,000 products. At VelocityShip, we can process bulk orders for B2B customers just as efficiently as single orders for B2C customers—and we can do it to your specifications. Simply go to your dashboard and choose how you want to manage your inventory and processes. We will take care of the rest, fulfilling orders accurately and on time.